"The National Society of Accountants asks its members about the fees they charge, and according to its 2016-2017 fee survey, the average fee to prepare and file a simple Form 1040 (with no itemized deductions) and a state tax return is $176. Add a Schedule A (itemized deductions) to that mix and the fee is $273. Additional fees apply for additional schedules C (Business), Schedule E - Rental, Schedule D-(Capital Gains and Losses). The survey found that fees vary by region, with higher charges in more metropolitan areas.”    

At MAG TAX Service, we strive to keep our prices below the national average. You may ask how we can do this and remain in business year after year… we survive on referrals.  Our focus is to provide a great service at a reasonable price.  We believe that once you experience the MAG TAX standard of quality customer service and attention to details; you too will refer us to friends and family who need tax services.   

We enjoy what we do, and we dedicate the necessary time to doing your return correctly. We ask many questions during our interview process in order to identify areas were we can maximize all possible deductions. Generally, we spend a minimum of 2 hours with each client (this includes initial phone contact, to final in-person review).    

Many of our customers are very happy with the value they receive from our services, and also can attest that any additional cost for the tax preparation is offset by the maximization of allowable deductions. Most clients come back year after year. See our Yelp Page for reviews :)   


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