About Miguel A. Garriga

  • Miguel is a graduate of the Inter-Americana University of Puerto Rico, earning an Accounting MBA. Prior to his accounting career, he ran his own business for 6 years; worked as an Information Systems Manager in the New York City retail industry after earning a Microsoft Certified System Engineering Certification (MCSE). Miguel stresses dedication along with the importance of playing a supportive role within a professional work environment. 


  • 10/7/2017 - Tricia C.In trying to articulate why I would rate Miguel 5 stars - it is a combination of exceptional knowledge, professionalism, and determination to deliver the best service for the client. Miguel showed this when he took the time to read up on and research my high deductible HSA as a tax benefit. For the first time in 5 years, I owe minimal taxes (which I was able to pay!). I will DEFINITELY use Miguel for my 2017 tax preparation. I would recommend him without reservation - if you're looking for some help, do yourself a favor and reach out to Miguel! 

Safeguarding Taxpayer Data

  •  Our systems are configured with the latest security updates in order to protect customer’s data. We are legally required to safeguard your information!  Our top-notch security software includes: firewall system, anti-malware and anti-virus programs, strong passwords. In addition, our web site contains an SSL certificate and our Office 365 E-mail is running full encryption. ​ Our tax preparation programs, internet portal, and related software packages are purchased through IRS approved vendors. ​ 

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